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This infographic is a keystone visual to summate the things I learned while at the Office of the New Jersey First Lady. 

Through helping implement the robust health campaign #NurtureNJ, I found myself examining the roles of unconscious bias and social determinants of health in policy advocacy.

**thank you to Lauren Lalicon--my boss & mentor--for helping me put this together and teaching me so much.


Maternal Black Health in New Jersey


Korean familial colloquials are hard.

We have a different word for every single family member, depending on: how old they are, how we're connected to them, whether they're a maternal or paternal relative,

and so on.

My brother-in-law ("hyung-bu") knows little Korean other than his favourite dishes, so I made him a one-sheet crash course to study on his next plane ride over to the motherland.


CREDITS: flag (top right): countryflag

- newly weds (upper left): pngtree

- grandma (middle right): shutterstock

- hands (bottom right): 90daykorean

Andy's Guide thru Korea


I've held multiple social media gigs throughout the years, including at a nail salon on my college campus. Fun fact: it's owned by my first-ever boss during my high school restaurant servicing years!

CREDITS (left): Unsplash - Tropical Wallpaper (background)
CREDITS: (right)
 Pinterest - Snoopy holding flowers (top-right, first image)

Polished Nail Spa Graphics


Student Campaign Posters

Many of my friends have ran and served for student government, and I've helped on a few of their campaigns. Enjoy my favorite pieces that came from the 2017 elections!

Just for fun & misc.

Honestly, this is an audiobook/podcast activity I do mindlessly to ease stress & concentrate. It's also an easy way for my friends to get these super cool pictures!

Made with Adobe Illustrator
CREDITS: Shutterstock - Low-Fi Images (background)

unni menu-1.png

Also: a menu I made for my sister's wedding--while bedridden from COVID. It came as a much-needed distraction from my coursework, and making every graphic proved to be a fun activity!

Note: they were all done by hand, on a mouse trackpad.

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